Vision Statement

NWYBL: Good competition, great sportsmanship.

Statement of Purpose

The Northwest Youth Basketball League has been established to provide youth in Whatcom County with a fun, recreational basketball playing opportunity during the winter months. The focus is on youth in grades 8-12 who are invited to submit a team led by a responsible coach. The league is structured with multiple divisions to give players of different ages and skill levels a positive, competitive playing experience.


In order to realize our vision, the league has the following values:

  1. Great sportsmanship: We are a recreational league and we wish to see all our players, regardless of skill, have an enjoyable experience. We can contribute to a positive sports environment by demonstrating:
      • love – for teammates, in self-sacrificial play (for the team’s sake)
      • joy – of playing, and exulting in the body God gave us
      • peace – even in the midst of struggle
      • patience – in sitting the bench, or working on your shot
      • kindness – in thinking of opponents, not as enemies, but as fellow image bearers of God (Genesis 1:26-27)
      • goodness – in striving for excellence
      • faithfulness – in being at each game and each practice, on time
      • gentleness – in understanding the difference between competitive and combative
      • self-control – in being a good sport even when your team is down (or way up) and even when an obvious foul call is missed
  2. Good competition: Every player likes to be challenged in order to develop their skills and talents. We would like to provide healthy competition that allows every player to contribute to their team.
  3. Beautiful basketball: Basketball can be beautiful in many respects, whether that is crisp teamwork (good passing, accurate shooting, hard effort), or generous sportsmanship.
  4. Community: Fostering relationships through sports is a way to strengthen community. Our league will foster community in a spirit of love and respect.